Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm very dynamic!

Dynamic woman seeks kindred and free spirits. I have high standards and enjoy all the finest things and people that life has to offer. I appreciate those who are polite, diplomatic, bright, well-read, positive, ambitious, independent, dynamic, hardworking and progressive-thinking.

Honesty, loyalty, integrity and communication are of the utmost importance to me in all relationships. I enjoy food, art, music, beauty, fashion and intellectual stimulation. I love to read and I am usually well-informed about most matters of interest. Socializing is my most favourite activity and I always do it with style. I like tennis, golf, snowboarding, dancing, walking and great conversations. I prefer to be in the company of those who are like-minded in terms of a lifestyle choice that doesn't include having children but does include achieving certain long-term personal and professional goals.

As I am a very visual person, I WON'T respond to any correspondence that doesn't give me the opportunity to see the person with whom I would interact. He would be an attractive man - both physically and mentally - with an adventurous and passionate spirit who can communicate very articulately and nonverbally. Someone in touch with his feminine side yet very masculine at the same time.